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Selling Property in Sarawak with Confidence

Reach 670,000

Property developers, agents and homeowners are able to reach the existing 670,000 users of Spay Global which are mostly potential home buyers.

Sell Conveniently

Get all property details at one glance when you provide your property listing with us. Own an online catalog in the Property Axis's portal where potential buyers can directly call, Whatsapp or book an online tour.

Make Money

Invest little for higher return. Choose from flexible listing plans, and promotion options that fit your business needs to boost the sales.

Key Features


Sell on Sarawak most used e-wallet app

Property Axis leads your property listings to huge market reach as it reaches out to over 670,000 users of SPay Global, the Sarawak Government's Fintech platform.


Unlock a universe of selling opportunities

Property Axis creates a socialisation and synergised marketing platform for all users. It facilitates direct engagement between property developers, agents and potential home buyers. Property price range and value range will also be shown on a geographic location.


Manage your property listings on the go

Available in the mobile app, it allows you to manage property listing details remotely by monitoring listings, tracking appointments, fulfilling enquiries, responding to customers, and more.


Increase visibility and sales with advertising

Put your property listing in front of nearly a million customers who view Property Axis daily through a sponsored advertisement. It is easy to subscribe, affordable and can be scaled smoothly through purchasing an ad credit on the mobile app or the web portal. This results in boosting property developers and agents visibility and increasing monthly sales.